Great Start Staff


“I came into Great Start basically not knowing anybody and I was scared of having a hard time finding friends. Great Start introduced me to some really amazing and fun people, both new students and counselors.” – Great Start 2018 Participant


The Great Start staff welcomes you to the University of Miami. Our staff is comprised of counselors of various majors and class standings who have experienced commuter life and are trained to help new commuter students in their transition to the University of Miami. After a year of preparing to welcome commuter students to campus, Great Start counselors spend the entire weekend of Great Start building community with program participants, and then serve as Orientation Fellows once students arrive for the ’Cane Kickoff orientation program.


The Student Program Coordinators serve as the lead student facilitators of Great Start. They supervise the counselor staff and manage Great Start both as the face of the program as well as behind the scenes.

Cecilia Amaro

Cecilia Amaro

Student Program Coordinator

Microbiology and Immunology

Taylor Miragliotta

Student Program Coordinator

Health Science


The steering committee consists of six Great Start counselors who serve as the chairs of various committees in the Great Start program. Each chair oversees unique projects which come together to make Great Start an exciting and seamless experience for new students. Steering Committee chairs also serve as counselors during Great Start.

Andres Florez

Steering Committe

Biomedical Engineering

Diana Mercado

Steering Committe


Lauryn Bausley

Steering Committe


Mikeiveka Sanon

Steering Committe

Business Technology and Marketing

Victoria Garcia

Steering Committe

Microbiology and Immunology


The Great Start counselors are student leaders who facilitate new student engagement in Great Start. Counselors provide mentorship and help build community throughout the Great Start program. Counselors are a wealth of knowledge on how to be successful as a commuter student at the University of Miami.

Alejandra Curbelo-Paz

Health Science (Pre-Med)

Allegra Garcia

English, Psychology

Brandon Sanchez

Mechanical Engineering

Carolina Hassun


Daniella Montalvo

Biomedical Engineering

Marcela Torres

Music Therapy

Miguel Silveira

Biomedical Engineering and Physics

Nicholas Calzadilla

Health Science

Peter Muina

Biomedical Engineering

Priscilla Santana

Accounting and Finance

Rebeca Gonzalez

Finance and English

Robert Jimenez

History, Classical Civilizations

Tatiana Alvarado

Business Law, Political Science