Association of Commuter Students (ACS)

ACS LogoThe Association of Commuter Students (ACS) began in 1974 as the organization “Women’s Commuter Organization,” later known as “Road Runners.” The now dubbed Association of Commuter Students has transformed over the years into a strong network of spirited University of Miami students and alumni.

ACS is a second home for its members and provides a place to bond with fellow students and to participate in all that the University of Miami has to offer. It is not merely a club, but a family. ACS has a long tradition of involvement in a range of campus events including Homecoming, service days, intramurals, and more. You can find ACS in the first row of the football stadium, riding on floats in the Homecoming Parades, as well as occupying various leadership positions throughout the University. ACS provides its members with a working knowledge of UM that gives them the opportunity to become fully involved in campus life.

An invaluable resource to all its members, ACS also provides a unique chance to become part of a community of dedicated and extraordinary friends. Brought together by a simple fact of life, commuting to school, ACS members have forged bonds that extend beyond this common circumstance. ACS members form friendships that last a lifetime.

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