Commuter Students

Our office strives to meet the practical, social, informational, and advocacy needs of commuter and transfer students. We provide a variety of services and programs for the student population that identifies as a commuter and/or transfer student and strive to enhance their education and to facilitate community building. We encourage all commuter and transfer students to interact with our office and others to learn more about the programs and events that are in place for commuters and transfers during the year.

Programming Pillars

The four pillars arranged in a circle

Transitions and Beyond

The Commuter Assistant and Transfer Assistant programs are designed to help ease transitions for students who are new to the University of Miami. Campus Transitions and Beyond programs put an emphasis on resources at students’ disposal to help enhance their academic, personal and professional development at the University.

Campus Involvement

The Commuter Assistant and Transfer Assistant programs are designed to help students feel a sense of belonging at the University of Miami. Campus Involvement programs are centered on how students can find their niche by exploring areas within their interests and outside of their comfort zone.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

The Commuter Assistant and Transfer Assistant programs are designed to help students feel connected to one another and assist in broadening their understanding of identities and ways of living that may be different than their own.

Surviving and Thriving

The Commuter Assistant and Transfer Assistant programs are designed to help students understand the importance of self-care, personal-responsibility and overall well-being and how to manage all of these areas as a University of Miami student.

Explore Commuter Student Opportunities

Great Start
Great Start is a two-day, student-led pre-semester program for new first-year, transfer and spring admitted commuter students. It is a great way to meet fellow commuter students, learn about how to get involved and explore the U before the start of ’Cane Kickoff.


Commuter Assistant Program
The Commuter Assistant Program is a peer mentorship program designed to assist first-year commuter students with their transition into the U. Every student is assigned a CA during ’Cane Kickoff.


The Association of Commuter Students
ACS is a student organization open to all students. It is intended to provide a home away from home for commuter students through social events and involvement in key University-wide programs such as Homecoming.


Commuter Council
Led and facilitated by members of the Commuter and Transfer Assistant Team, Commuter Council was designed to give new commuter students the opportunity to meet one another while also learning about leadership skills and event planning at the very beginning of their UM career. The council was established in the fall of 2021. The first cohort of the council designed and executed the very first Commuter Council event titled, Commuter Carnival. Applications to join Commuter Council are opened at the beginning of each semester. Council members meet weekly for on-going professional development and event planning.


RADical Health
RADical Health is a 4-week long peer-led program designed to empower and equip students with tools to stay well and resilient. Topics discussed throughout the program revolve around connecting with others, empowering oneself and engaging with the world. With the support of peer leaders and faculty guides, students explore RADical Health through inspirational interviews, interactive resources and group discussions. More information about the program and the RADICAL Hope Foundation can be found here: