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We are very excited to welcome you and your student to the University of Miami. The orientation experiences for students and for families are intentionally planned separately to give each of you the opportunity to learn about the University and all it has to offer.

While your student is meeting classmates and learning about life on campus, we strive to help you become familiar with the University of Miami community through the offerings listed in this program. You will have the opportunity to meet UM administrators, faculty, staff, and current students. This a great time to have your questions and concerns addressed in person.

Everyone on campus, including our orientation staff, is excited to help you learn all you need to know about the U and will assist you by offering information and support. We encourage you to stay in touch with us should you questions arise beyond ‘Cane Kickoff.


Students must provide their family members' email addresses when registering for 'Cane Kickoff via CaneLink. Family members will receive a separate email containing Family 'Cane Kickoff registration instructions. 

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The Family Road to UM

Your student’s next steps have been prepared for them in their Road to UM, but we know that you are their partner and biggest supporter when it comes to their personal, financial, and academic success. We welcome your partnership in helping to get your student started on the right foot.

This Family Road to UM is your guide to the tools, resources, and connections you will need to support your student as they embark on their college journey. We trust that the checklist, important dates, and deadlines and details information found on corresponding web pages will be just what you need to be informed and empowered as your student makes the transition from high school to college.

'Cane Kickoff Schedules

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  • Fall 2021 Schedule

    • Incoming undergraduate first-year and transfer students
      • If you will be living on-campus, check in for ‘Cane Kickoff between August 16-17 according to your assigned day and time.  This will be sent directly to your UM email in July.  It is recommended to wait on travel arrangements (i.e. flights) until assigned your exact move-in day and time.  All move-in information is available at
      • If you will be commuting or living off-campus, you may check in for ‘Cane Kickoff between the hours of 8am-12pm from Wednesday, August 18
      • Fall ‘Cane Kickoff will then continue daily for all first-year and transfer students through Sunday, August 22.
    • Families of undergraduate first-year and transfer students
      • Offerings on day of your student’s designated Housing Move-In
      • Full-day program for families of all residential and commuter students held on Wednesday, August 18.


    Please note dates above are provided based on the Fall 2021 Academic Calendar, and are subject to shift. Any updates will be posted here and communicated to students.

  • Spring 2022 Schedule

    • Incoming international and exchange undergraduate first-year and transfer students: TBD.
      • International and Exchange Students living on campus will move in on TBD. Specifics can also be found at
      • International Student Orientation and the Compulsory Session for Exchange Students will be held on TBD.
    • Incoming domestic undergraduate first-year and transfer students: TBD.
      • Domestic Students living on campus will move in during their assigned day and time on TBD. This will be sent directly to the student’s UM email. It is recommended to wait on travel arrangements (i.e. flights) until assigned the exact move-in day and time. Specifics can also be found at
    • Check-in for the ‘Cane Kickoff orientation program will begin on TBD.
    • Family ’Cane Kickoff (for families of new undergraduate first-year and transfer students): TBD.