Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders

Students must have previous Orientation experience and have sophomore or junior standing to serve as Orientation Leaders. In this position, students play a role in the development of the Orientation program and the selection/training of Orientation Fellows. Orientation Leaders lead a group of Orientation Fellows during the Orientation program, as well as manage the logistics of the Orientation program and the Family Weekend program.

Applications are made available during the middle of the spring semester.

Joey Bonnaire

Biology and Marine Affairs

Irene Calvo


Joel Castillo

Theatre Arts

Andy Fernandez


Lex Gonzalez


Nathaly Gonzalez

Psychology & Applied Physics

Doreen Gustave

Public Health

Gia Harrell

Exercise Physiology

Alfred Labrada

Computer Science

Will LaRossa

Sports Administration and Media Management

Emily Morales


Katerina Quintairos

Music Business & Entertainment Industries

Priscilla Ruiz

Legal Studies

Julia Sirven

Music Business and Entertainment Industries

Alexa Skolnik

Psychology, Women's & Gender Studies

Diane Stephen

Health Science & Public Health