Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders

Students must have previous Orientation experience and have sophomore or junior standing to serve as Orientation Leaders. In this position, students play a role in the development of the Orientation program and the selection/training of Orientation Fellows. Orientation Leaders lead a group of Orientation Fellows during the Orientation program, as well as manage the logistics of the Orientation program and the Family Weekend program.

Applications are made available during the middle of the fall semester.

Aaron Gluck

Political Science

Carlos Rohl


Craig Contreras

Computer Science

Ella Johnson

Music Business and Entertainment

Gabriela Nahous


Joanna Niworowski

Mathematics - Statistics

Maria Bucarano


Mary Balise

Psychology/Studio Art

Miguel Hernandez

Public Health/Political Science

Olivia Cabanas

Biomedical Engineering

Paula Becerra

International Finance/Marketing

Quinn Owen


Rafael Cariello