Tips for Families

Throughout this time of transition, we are here to equip you with resources and be your point of contact. UM offers a variety of programs, services, and initiatives throughout the year to keep you informed and connected. Below is a top 10 list of tips and advice compiled by our staff:

  1. Be prepared for your student's and your own conflicting emotions as the day of departure approaches.
  2. Discuss academic expectations ahead of time. Encourage your student to set their own academic goals.
  3. Make a financial plan and openly discuss expectations with your student.
  4. Discuss use of alcohol and other lifestyle choices that your student will have to make, but try not to give lectures.
  5. Discuss expectations about communication such as phone calls, emails, and letters.
  6. If you plan to bring your student to UM and participate in Orientation, do not expect to spend a lot of time together. The purpose of Orientation is to foster relationships with new peers and integration into the UM community.
  7. Be a coach rather than a rescuer. Encourage your son or daughter to use resources at school and problem-solve independently. Learn what the academic and personal support services are and keep the family’s materials from orientation in an accessible place.
  8. Don't make major changes at home without informing your student.
  9. Be an anchor. Listen with an open mind and be supportive.
  10. Keep in touch; write and send packages.